VMC & HMC Workholding

HMC WorkholdingTurn-Key Solutions is an industry leading in providing custom workholding fixtures. Our extensive background in metal removal allows TKS to design and manufacture the best fixturing solutions available.

Our in-house engineering staff utilizes the latest CAD/CAM and FEA software to securely and reliably grip your component without distortion. Our company philosophy is to keep engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing in-house to ensure that your fixturing will exceed your expectations at an affordable price.

TKS can also offer value added options like tooling selection, CNC programming, installation, PAPP or a complete turnkey on our floor with your CNC.

HMC WorkholdingTurn-Key Solutions workholding solutions include:

  • Custom live hydraulic workholding fixtures
  • Custom closed  circuit workholding fixtures
  • Custom trunnion workholding fixtures
  • Custom manual clamping fixtures
  • CMM verification of datum points/location elements
  • Verification of customer supplied tooling package to ensure a seamless installation
  • CNC programming (VMC, HMC or lathe)
  • Installation on your floor with a TKS supplied tooling package or your tooling
  • PPAP on your floor with a 1.67 or 2.0 CPK
  • Complete Turn-Key Solution that includes fixture design, manufacture, build, part processing, tooling selection, CNC programming and a runoff on your floor

VMC Workholding


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HMC Workholding


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