Part Handling Automation Services

Sintered Furnace Unload Automation

TKS provided automation to unload bearing caps from a sintering furnace and load them into removable carts for storage prior to a secondary operation. Each cart is capable of storing 960 bearing caps and can be changed out by a single operator in under 5 minutes.

  • Magnetic pick and place transfers hot piece parts from sintering furnace to a buffering conveyor
  • Buffering conveyor controls part flow and positions piece parts for 3-axis transfer mechanism
  • Servo axes position transfer mechanism in front of available storage rows and fills the storage cart

Coining Press Load Automation

TKS provided additional automation to unload the bearing caps from the storage carts and load them into a coining press, integrating with the existing coiner infeed mechanism. An empty storage cart can be replaced with a full cart without interrupting the coining operation.

  • Servo axes position transfer mechanism in front of full storage rows moves bearing caps to staging table
  • Staging area properly orients piece parts
  • Part sweep loads bearing caps into coining press infeed mechanism while monitoring appropriate infeed buffer level

  • View our Part Handling Automation Demo Video

    Our customer had an existing piece of equipment that needed to be reconfigured for a new product. TKS altered the part handling and updated obsolete electronics.

    Robotic Dispensing Demo Video

    This three axis module is fitted with a dispensing head that precisely places an adhesive bead on an aluminum part so that a vibration dampening plate can be assembled.

    Robotic Machine Tending of an 800lb Casting

    This robot on a 7th axis tends to three horizontal machining centers. It uses one EOAT to manipulate the part through 3 different part loads.