Cell Integration Services

Differential Carrier

TKS proposed, designed and built the cell shown below for the machining of differential carriers. The cell was a joint effort between the customer and Turn-Key Solutions. The customer supplied the horizontal machining centers. TKS was responsible for the complete cell integration and part handling equipment.

The robot is mounted to a linear rail transport unit. This allowed the robot to service the eight horizontal machining centers in the cell.

Cell Integration

  • Horizontal machining center with “A” and “B” load fixtures
  • Hydraulic fixture supplied with part in position sensing and datum flushing/cleaning
  • Robot end of arm tooling and required hydraulic integration for proper operation
  • End of arm tooling capable of handling raw castings and finished machined castings
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors supplied with buffer storage capability
  • Automatic pallet rotate, bearing cap assembly station and parts buffer storage