Robotic Machine Tending Services

This video shows an automation that was made for a client to

  • ensure cycle times
  • ensure robot reach
  • allow the customer to see how the cell will operate
  • allow the customer to give final look over of the custom process

We programmed this robot to deburr a bearing cap. In this video, you can see the FANUC robot

  • move the bearing in a side to side motion to ensure the whole surface is deburred
  • rotate the bearing to ensure both sides are smooth
  • moves the edges of the part which are grinded to create a smooth surface for continued production
  • hold the part securely while moving and grinding

This automation shows a FANUC robot performing a CNC fixture exchange as part of a larger animated cell. This robot is tending to multiple CNC machines. This animation was made for a customer to ensure that the custom cell performed to their expectations and worked properly.

In this automated system, the first robot is moving sintered parts onto a ceramic plate is then sent to the second robot which is fed copper rings. The robot then places the rings onto the sintered parts. These parts are then sent on the trays through a furnace.

Machining Automation/Machining Line

TKS designed and built dual lines to machine automotive components. The automation was integrated seamlessly with the customers’ existing machining centers and lathes. The line included conveying equipment, part hand-off mechanisms, and precision fixturing components with no required operator intervention from raw casting to finished product.

  • Raw parts are loaded onto conveyor and are escaped into the infeed automation orient table
  • Infeed gripper detects proper part orientation and loads raw part into the lathe chuck
  • Exit automation removes rough turned part from lathe and repositions them onto a chain conveyor for transfer to next operation
  • Automation weighs the part, analyzes the data and rejects improperly machined or out-of-spec parts
  • Dual-gripper gantry loads and unloads part from dual-spindle machining center
  • Infeed gripper loads part into lathe chuck for final, precision turning